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A Falling Sand Game

A Falling Sand Game

12th June, 2020  ·  1 minute read

My interpretation of the classic falling sand game. You can play it here: or check out the code on GitHub.

The falling sand game was one of those classic games that everyone played in school. I've spent hours and hours playing similar games and after my experience simulating cellular automata with Pixel Plumber I wanted to take the idea further.

When I started working on this I hoped to make a hyper-optimised JS implementation of the sand game, but as I was working on it I decided to favour code structure and readability over optimisation. It still manages to run near 60 FPS on my MacBook Pro so I'm pleased with that.

The design for the 'device' is heavily inspired by neumorphic design principles and the OP-1 synthesiser by Teenage Engineering.

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