Jack Cruden's portfolio & blog


Hi! I'm Jack. I'm a full-stack web developer living and working between England and New Zealand. I spend most of my time working on WeRoster and other freelance projects. You can find me on Twitter or flick me an email: jackcruden [at] gmail [dot] com.


I grew up in Taranaki, New Zealand, spending much of my time at the river, on bush walks around Taranaki and at the beach.

I later moved down to Wellington to study Design Innovation and Computer Science at the University of Wellington. Through the duration of my degree and for a couple of years after, I worked for the university in accommodation. In 2018 I left New Zealand to live in Leeds, England with my partner.

At the moment I'm traveling semi-regularly between New Zealand and England for work and to see family and friends.

Side Projects

Just about everything I know about computers, programming and tech is self-taught. Making is the best way to learn, so I'm always making something.

You can find a lot of my side-projects here, and I often tweet about what I'm up to.


Since I was 14 years old I've done freelance web development for family and friends. I had my first international client when I was 15 and have been actively freelancing ever since.

If you're interested in working together flick me an email. I'm currently available!

Want to see more like this? I only post updates once every few weeks.