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Pixel Plumber

Pixel Plumber

1st April, 2015  ·  1 minute read

Check it out on GitHub!

Pixel Plumber is a game made in Processing for a class at Victoria University of Wellington.

The idea of the game is that you are a 'plumber' in the future, tasked with unblocking drains of future megacities. You fly through the drains going deeper and deeper and clearing out debris as you go to ensure a constant flow of water. But try and make sure you don't let any of the water interact with the toxic green sludge, it degrades the quality of the water!

Pixel Plumber uses cellular automata to simulate water falling through a dynamic environment. The player can use the left mouse button to destory debris and unblock the drain, or use the right mouse button to place debris and control the flow direction of the water.

The code definitely needs tidying up. I made this a few years ago now and I was unsure how certain parts should be layed out so as I learn more about best practices I hope to come back to this project and update it. Ultimately I would like to create a mobile game based off of Pixel Plumber.

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