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18th July, 2014  ·  1 minute read

World.sim() is a university project I worked on to learn the basics of 3D modeling, animation and motion tracking in After Effects. We were tasked with designing an 'alternative interface of the future'.

World.sim() is a 3-dimensional world simulator. It is possible to interact with this simulated world through a control interface. For ease of use the control interface intelligently tracks the user as they walk around the table, only showing the most relevant controls. The interface enables the user to manipulate aspects of the simulated world in an intuitive way. These manipulations are then processed and rendered in realtime.

The tool has potential to be used in city planning, infrastructure upgrades, building renovations, parks and recreation placement, pipeline testing, disaster prevention, population densities, road layouts, and more. The simulator could potentially also be used to simulate traffic congestion, and test out the capacity of a city’s infrastructure.

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