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New Year, New Blog

20th February, 2019  ·  1 minute read

I'm not usually one to hold down a blog. This year is the year I start taking it seriously... starting February.


I'm doing this to organise my thoughts, improve my writing skill and showcase my work. I don't do a lot of content writing at all, anywhere, and it's something I actually miss from school. Also, it's nice to have a single place I can put all my design and development work.

Another reason I've built my own blog is to keep ownership of my content. I think we're about to see a big shift in people moving back to self-hosted blogging platforms, like before Medium and Facebook. And there will likely be a resurgence in RSS readers, or something better, to consolidate these.


I suppose I'm going to write about what I'm interested in, things I learn, maybe a guides and tutorials (likely just for myself).

PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Vue.js are my main languages and tools at present. They'll no doubt feature frequently. I'm just starting to get into React Native to make a native iOS/Android app for WeRoster. Though, I'd like to start small-scale and release a standalone app first, more on that later.

My partner and I are looking at moving to a different country this year. I might post some tasteful travel content, but I don't want this to be a travel blog.

Implementation is hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet that I use for small projects. Built with Laravel because it's what I know best, with a bit of VueJS for the Algolia search.

Why I thought it sounded cool. And quite a lot of people actually call me Kiwi Jack.

Want to see more like this? I only post updates once every few weeks.